ParaPix Amplifier

These amps are completely sold out. We will leave this page up for reference purposes.

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This Amp was manufactured for Paramount Pictures by HTP International in Anaheim California. HTP filed for bankruptcy and we were able to get these amps for an unbelievable price. The amp is mounted on an aluminum plate that measures 6" x 14.25" and uses 2 LM3886T 60 watt Semiconductors. The power supply uses two 10,000 mfd capacitors and with the addition of a 36-56vct transformer (48 vct available) is ready to mount on the box of that subwoofer cabinet you are building. This is a mono amp with two active power chips . Using a 56vct transformer the amp is said to put out approximately 60 watts per channel. The ParaPix is bridgeable to single output of 120 watts (details available). Measured output specs will follow. The ParaPix features line and speaker level inputs and outputs. An active 60 - 120 hz crossover and a volume control are included to match the level of your satellite speakers. A selectable bass boost circuit is on board that gives a 12db boost at 33.5 hz. These amps have acheived great results using Madisound 10 " DVC woofeers model numbers 10204 and 10207and the new INF10. Here is everything you need.
Parapix Amp Sold Out
48 vct 3 amp Transformer $17.95
One 4 Pin and One 6 Pin Molex Connector $1.39

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