The Apex "Senior" Subwoofer Amp





250 watts RMS@ 8 ohms

350 watts RMS@ 4 ohms

The plate measures 10 1/2" W x 12 1/2"H

S/N Ratio(full rated power) 100Hz(+A) 102db
THD 100hz 0.1%


The Apex"Senior"amp w/Remote Control

Regular Price $169.95

Sale $154.95

check out these files by Grant Spangler

on the Apex Senior transfer function in either Pdf or Excel formats add the 47K moddification is an additional $10.00

See this profect using the Apex Sr and an NHT 1259

We highly recommend the 12" sub woofer driver from GR Research with the Apex Senior.

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Bass Boost mods are as follows:
R-26 is a 18K resistor by changing to a 47K you'll get a corner freq of 18Hz with a 2Db boost at 21-22Hz. Using a 100K resistor you'll be flat with a corner freq of 12Hz

We now have an UPGRADE on the 1st shipment of "Seniors If you have bought a "Senior" and have 4 6800uf 80V caps
We have acquired 6800uf 100V caps and selling the upgrade. 4 6800uf 100V caps for $20.00 for the set.

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