OVTR 1 Sub Woofer Amp

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This amp was originally designed for the Overature 1 speaker system.

  • Output of 100 watts at 8 ohms
  • Adjustable gain control
  • Fixed crossover frequency of 200 Hz
  • 115VAC (220V also available)
  • Built in switching power supply -- needs no power transformer
  • Dimensions are 11 1/2" x 5 1/4" x 3 3/8"
  • Mono
  • Speaker level inputs

New surplus in the complete box


Now included with your purchase is the origional OVTR Crossover at no extra charge!

This is the speaker enclosure that houses the Infinity

OVTR 1 speaker system. The OVTR amp mounts

in this enclosure and all that would be needed is drivers

and a crossover to have your own version of a small

powered sub speaker system. $20.00

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