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Velodyne 3/4" cloth dome tweeter from the Classic Home Theater (CHT)System $3.95 ea.

Crossover for the Velodyne Classic Home Theater MTM. $19.95 a pair.

CERWIN VEGA 1 1/8" Soft Dome Tweeter
Model # 2570TRL
Part Number LSETH2130
4" X 5 1/4" Mounting plate
Price 14.95 Pair

This is the 12 inch subwoofer from the Cerwin Vega V-12S subwoofer system. It is a 4 Ohm 12" woofer. It is designed for a 2.4 cubic ft ported enclosure. We recommend a round port 3" diameter x 1.75" long. The Cerwin Vega Amp that powered the origional system was rated at 100 watts RMS. We recommend the Apex Jr MS 8A plate amp to go along with this woofer but our more powerful amps will also work. We are selling these for $22.00 each.

Here is a link to the origional users manual. Here are a couple of reviews of the system.


Re 3.43 Ohms

Le 1.062 mH

L2 2.560 mH

R2 41.59 Ohms

Cmes 748.37 uF

Lces 43.51 mH

Res 29.07 Ohms

Fs 27.9 Hz

Mms 108.201 g

Mms (SD) 101.279 g

RMS 4.974 Kg/s

Cms .031 mm/N

Kms 3.32 N/mm

Bl 12.024

Lambda s -0.024

Qtp 0.402

Qms 3.812

Qes 0.449

Qts 0.402

Vas 120.0465 l

n0 0.557%

Lm 89.66 db

Lnom 90.34 db

Rmse Z 12.71%

Rmse Hx 3.69%


Cerwin Vega 8 Ohm 5 1/4" LSCTJ2090 Speaker $17.95 Pair

D 0.0 [mm]
Re 6.36 [Ohms]
Fs 59.22 [Hz]
Zm 37.26 [Ohms]
BL 0.00 [N/A]
Qms 3.174
Qes 0.653
Qts 0.542
Vas 0.000 [liters]
L10k 0.35 [mH]
n0 0.00 [%]
dBSPL 0.00 [1W/1m]
Ms 0.00 [grams]
Cms 0.00 [mm/N]


KRK 12" subwoofer from the KRK 12s Studio Subwoofer system $49.95. We recommed an enclosure of 3.5 cubic feet with a round port of 3" by 3.125" long. See the KRK 12s amp page for the matching amp.


D 0.0 [mm]
Re 3.21 [Ohms]
Fs 48.45 [Hz]
Zm 10.09 [Ohms]
BL 0.00 [N/A]
Qms 1.671
Qes 0.781
Qts 0.532
Vas 0.000 [liters]
L10k 0.39 [mH]
n0 0.00 [%]
dBSPL 0.00 [1W/1m]
Ms 0.00 [grams]
Cms 0.00 [mm/N]

Cerwin Vega Speaker handles Penn-Elcom part # H 1024
6 17/32" Wide X 8 7/32" Tall X 2 3/32" Deep $5.00 pair.

While these were designed for professional loud speaker cainets, they can be used for almost any kind of cabinet that need a solid pair of handles.

Vifa Coaxial

These drivers were purchased from M & K at the liquidation

auction. They were use in the MP6 speaker system.

Check out the M & K Vifa Coaxial Project Page

-2 ways coxial drive unit
-3/4" silk cone tweeter & 4" NRSC coated paper cone woofer, Rubber surround, Fiber reinforced polymer chassis
-Seperated Neodyninum Magnetic system
-Coxial drive unit, No acoustics phase distortion
-Best use for Bookshelf, Home Theater , Surround speaker

-Sensitivity: 87dB (2.83V/1m)
-Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm
-Normal Power handling: 50W
-120mm diameter , Height: 89mm

Suggested cabinet/crossover design:
-4 Litre internal volume, Reflect port enclosure
-Port tube : 30mm diameter, 60mm length
-87dB (2.83V/1M)
-Frequency Response : 80-20KHz (+-1.5dB)
-Norminal Imepedance : 8 ohm
-Max Power Handling: 50W (RMS

Price $14.95 each

Case lots of 28 --- $350.00

suggested crossover schematic

Suggested cabinet volume .14ft3 ported.

port = 1.25" diameter x 2.375

Here is a project by Bret Roberts

Here is a boombox project by Bryan Keane


 12" Subwoofer
THRUSTER Series II Model THW 1260

4 Ohms 200 Watt RMS
2" Voice Coil 50 Oz Magnet

Recommended Box Size Box Size Ported 2.2 Cu ft
2 Ports 2 3/4"Dia X 2 1/4" Long

Fs 30Hz
Freq Res 25Hz-2K Hz Box Size Sealed 0.7 Cu Ft
SPL 90Db
QTS .21
VAS 395L

PRICE 39.95 each



4" -10MM P/N 826-366-31 $ 3.95 ea Sale $2.99 ea or 10 for $25.00

See link below to see what these are being sold for elsewhere

Parameter Value Unit/Notes
Effective piston area (Sd) 49.49 cm2
Free air resonance (Fs) 132.1 Hz
DC resistance (Re) 21.8 O
Mechanical Q factor (Qms) 4.551
Electrical Q factor (Qes) 1.512
Total Q factor (Qts) 1.135
Voice coil inductance (Le) 1.1 mH/milli-Henrys
Equivalent air volume (Vas) .94 Liters
Moving mass (Mms) 5.3 Grams/Mmd + air load mass
Suspension compliance (Cms) 274.17 ÁM/N/micro-Meters per Newton
Force factor (Bl) 7.968 Tm/Tesla-Meters
Sensitivity (SPLref) 83.4 dB/reference 8O/2.83Vrms

Six can be used in parallel for a 4 ohm load. Frequency response 300 Hz to 8 kHz, +/- 3 dB. Can be used as a dipole or in a sealed enclosure .14 cubic feet



10" - P/N 858-252-11 $27.99 ea

Fs 63.48 Hz, 12.54 L, Qts 1.0, 85.83 dB, 8 ohm. This speaker could be used as IB (infinite baffle) using the trunk of a car as the enclosure. Suitable to be used as a dipole. Also it could be put in an enclosure 1.45 cubic foot, tuned to 37.8 Hz. This would be a 4" tube, 10" long.








Atlas APF-15T's Flange Mount PA Loudspeaker 

Retail Price $97.00 our price $19.95ea.

These are New Old Stock


To get 8 ohms cut the Black and Yellow wire and
splice them to the Black and Yellow on the output terminals

Wiring Diagram and suggested usage.









Check out this DIY Super Tweeter link in enjoythemusic.com

Shielded Soft Dome Tweeter $14.95 a pair

Fs 1473Hz
Qms 1.54
Qes 2.00
Qts 0.87

4 ohm nominal impedence

4" Round - 2 3/4" Magnet and 1 1/8" Deep

Recommended Crossover 2-3KHz 2nd order electrical or higher See graphs

Customer Comment

"This tweeter measures very well and is by far the most dynamic non-horn-loaded tweeter that I have encountered thus far with whopping 96db@1m/2.83v senitivity coupled with excellent power handling and best used with a 3Khz crossover." Steve Sedmak





Apex Jr Tweeter - $1.00 each, or 100 for $85.00

See http://www.aespeakers.com/pics/mini-line/proto1.jpg for a John Janowitz design using this tweeter.

Bag O'Crossovers-assorted crosovers


.9mH ferrite core speaker inductor $1.00 each


Klipsch 8" Shielded Speaker $37.00

Vas 29.46 L, Fs 45.7406, Qts 0.4644, Qes 0.5429, Qms 3.2134, Re 2.99, Le 0.5439mH, 89.98 dB 1w/1m, BL 6.23 Tesla Meters

Box Parameters:

Vented Box 1.6ft3 Vent= 2" dia x 7" long Fb=40Hz

Vented Box 1.00ft3 Vent =2" dia x 2.6" long Fb=46Hz

Sealed Box .8ft3 Fb=70hz