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Velodyne 3/4" cloth dome tweeter from the Classic Home Theater (CHT)System $3.95 ea.

Crossover for the Velodyne Classic Home Theater MTM. $19.95 a pair.

VELODYNE -- 80-CTHT1 -- 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" PAIR 8ohms --- $18.95

These midbass units were used in the Velodyne Classic Home Theatre (CHT) system.


We have sold out of the 4 ohm woofer. The 8 ohm version is designed for an MTM speaker that can be used either as a center channel when it is laying on it's side or as book shelf speaker when placed in classic D'Applito configuration. We have a version of the crossover (listed above)for that application.


Here is a link to a review of this system.


CERWIN VEGA 1 1/8" Soft Dome Tweeter
Model # 2570TRL
Part Number LSETH2130
4" X 5 1/4" Mounting plate
Price 14.95 Pair


CERWIN VEGA 3 7/8" Soft Dome Tweeter
Model # AT 2570B
Part Number LSETH2100
Price $19.95 Pair

Cerwin Vega - 4 Ohm -- 12" Subwoofer Front $22.00 each

Re 3.51 [Ohms]
Fs 26.92 [Hz]
Zm 31.78 [Ohms]
BL 0.00 [N/A]
Qms 3.354
Qes 0.416
Qts 0.370
Vas 0.000 [liters]
L10k 1.61 [mH]
n0 0.00 [%]
dBSPL 0.00 [1W/1m]
Ms 0.00 [grams]
Cms 0.00 [mm/N]

Cerwin Vega - 4 Ohm 8" Aluminum Cast Frame Speaker at $22.00 ea

D 0.0 [mm]
Re 3.14 [Ohms]
Fs 44.41 [Hz]
Zm 21.12 [Ohms]
BL 0.00 [N/A]
Qms 2.486
Qes 0.434
Qts 0.369
Vas 0.000 [liters]
L10k 0.30 [mH]
n0 0.00 [%]
dBSPL 0.00 [1W/1m]
Ms 0.00 [grams]
Cms 0.00 [mm/N]




Cerwin Vega 8 Ohm 5 1/4" LSCTJ2090 Speaker $17.95 Pair

D 0.0 [mm]
Re 6.36 [Ohms]
Fs 59.22 [Hz]
Zm 37.26 [Ohms]
BL 0.00 [N/A]
Qms 3.174
Qes 0.653
Qts 0.542
Vas 0.000 [liters]
L10k 0.35 [mH]
n0 0.00 [%]
dBSPL 0.00 [1W/1m]
Ms 0.00 [grams]
Cms 0.00 [mm/N]


12 inch Heavy Duty Kevlar Subwoofer $49.95


D 0.0 [mm]
Re 3.21 [Ohms]
Fs 48.45 [Hz]
Zm 10.09 [Ohms]
BL 0.00 [N/A]
Qms 1.671
Qes 0.781
Qts 0.532
Vas 0.000 [liters]
L10k 0.39 [mH]
n0 0.00 [%]
dBSPL 0.00 [1W/1m]
Ms 0.00 [grams]
Cms 0.00 [mm/N]

10" Rockford Fosgate 2 Ohm Sub-Woofer

$29.95ea 2 for $55.00

Parameter Value Unit/Notes
Effective piston area (Sd) 339.7 cm2
Free air resonance (Fs) 43.3 Hz
DC resistance (Re) 0.324 O
Mechanical Q factor (Qms) 4.903
Electrical Q factor (Qes) 0.784
Total Q factor (Qts) 0.676
Voice coil inductance (Le) 0.1 mH/milli-Henrys
Equivalent air volume (Vas) 19.607 Liters
Moving mass (Mms) 111.8 Grams/Mmd + air load mass
Suspension compliance (Cms) 121.00 µM/N/micro-Meters per Newton
Force factor (Bl) 3.543 Tm/Tesla-Meters
Sensitivity (SPLref) 85.0 dB/reference 8O/2.83Vrms

This driver was used in the Rockford Fosgate R300-10 car subwoofer. You can still find them for sale if you do a search. The system used a 1.3 cubic foot sealed enclosure with a 300 watt RMS amplifier. Reviews are very positive for this unit. This is a great sub for people who need some extra bass in the car, but don't have a lot of space for a big box.

Here is a link to the Owner's Manual

Cerwin Vega Speaker handles Penn-Elcom part # H 1024
6 17/32" Wide X 8 7/32" Tall X 2 3/32" Deep $5.00 pair.

While these were designed for professional loud speaker cainets, they can be used for almost any kind of cabinet that need a solid pair of handles.

P/N 004884700 8 Ohm compression Horn Tweeter at $9.95ea

( 4.5" FOSTER Horn Great for Fender Bassman, Roland, SWR Replacement)
Great for Home Audio and PA Box building projects too. 8 OHM
End to end measurements is 4.5"
Measures 5" diagonally from hole to hole
Side to side hole 3.5"



Vifa Coaxial

These drivers were purchased from M & K at the liquidation

auction. They were use in the MP6 speaker system.

Check out the M & K Vifa Coaxial Project Page

-2 ways coxial drive unit
-3/4" silk cone tweeter & 4" NRSC coated paper cone woofer, Rubber surround, Fiber reinforced polymer chassis
-Seperated Neodyninum Magnetic system
-Coxial drive unit, No acoustics phase distortion
-Best use for Bookshelf, Home Theater , Surround speaker

-Sensitivity: 87dB (2.83V/1m)
-Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm
-Normal Power handling: 50W
-120mm diameter , Height: 89mm

Suggested cabinet/crossover design:
-4 Litre internal volume, Reflect port enclosure
-Port tube : 30mm diameter, 60mm length
-87dB (2.83V/1M)
-Frequency Response : 80-20KHz (+-1.5dB)
-Norminal Imepedance : 8 ohm
-Max Power Handling: 50W (RMS

Price $14.95 each

Case lots of 28 --- $350.00

suggested crossover schematic

Suggested cabinet volume .14ft3 ported.

port = 1.25" diameter x 2.375

Here is a project by Bret Roberts

Here is a boombox project by Bryan Keane


 12" Subwoofer
THRUSTER Series II Model THW 1260

4 Ohms 200 Watt RMS
2" Voice Coil 50 Oz Magnet

Recommended Box Size Box Size Ported 2.2 Cu ft
2 Ports 2 3/4"Dia X 2 1/4" Long

Fs 30Hz
Freq Res 25Hz-2K Hz Box Size Sealed 0.7 Cu Ft
SPL 90Db
QTS .21
VAS 395L

PRICE 39.95 each



4" -10MM P/N 826-366-31 $ 3.95 ea

See link below to see what these are being sold for elsewhere

Parameter Value Unit/Notes
Effective piston area (Sd) 49.49 cm2
Free air resonance (Fs) 132.1 Hz
DC resistance (Re) 21.8 O
Mechanical Q factor (Qms) 4.551
Electrical Q factor (Qes) 1.512
Total Q factor (Qts) 1.135
Voice coil inductance (Le) 1.1 mH/milli-Henrys
Equivalent air volume (Vas) .94 Liters
Moving mass (Mms) 5.3 Grams/Mmd + air load mass
Suspension compliance (Cms) 274.17 µM/N/micro-Meters per Newton
Force factor (Bl) 7.968 Tm/Tesla-Meters
Sensitivity (SPLref) 83.4 dB/reference 8O/2.83Vrms

Six can be used in parallel for a 4 ohm load. Frequency response 300 Hz to 8 kHz, +/- 3 dB. Can be used as a dipole or in a sealed enclosure .14 cubic feet



8" -20MM woofer P/N 826-913-11 $17.99 ea

Fs 83.19, Vas 6.24 L, Qts 1.19, 85.85 dB, 8 ohm. This speaker could be used as IB (infinite baffle) using the trunk of a car as the enclosure. Suitable to be used as a dipole. Could be used in a sealed enclosure .75 cubic feet or larger.



10" - P/N 858-252-11 $27.99 ea

Fs 63.48 Hz, 12.54 L, Qts 1.0, 85.83 dB, 8 ohm. This speaker could be used as IB (infinite baffle) using the trunk of a car as the enclosure. Suitable to be used as a dipole. Also it could be put in an enclosure 1.45 cubic foot, tuned to 37.8 Hz. This would be a 4" tube, 10" long.




Cervin Vega 6" Midbass Driver $6.00ea.






*Vas=10.5 liters/.373 cf

*Re=5.7 ohms

*Rm=28.7 ohms


*BL=5.42 Tesla meters

*SPL=92dB @1W/1m

Designed for a 1.4ft3 vented enclosure. Vent 3" x 1.1". Fb=64Hz. (this is for a SC4 & C4 alignment)

High Qts will also allow this driver to be used in an IB configuration.








Atlas APF-15T's Flange Mount PA Loudspeaker 

Retail Price $97.00 our price $19.95ea.

These are New Old Stock


To get 8 ohms cut the Black and Yellow wire and
splice them to the Black and Yellow on the output terminals

Wiring Diagram and suggested usage.





Cerwin-Vega 6" 16 ohm Woofer Good for MTM System $5.00ea.

Fs 58.48, Vas 20.05 l, Qts 0.8872, Qes 1.1012, Qms 4.5655, Re 14.88 ohms, Rm 0.739 ohms, Le 0.2540 mH, Spl 87.45 dB @ 1W/1M, cone area 0.0133m^2









Check out this DIY Super Tweeter link in enjoythemusic.com

Shielded Soft Dome Tweeter $14.95 a pair

Fs 1473Hz
Qms 1.54
Qes 2.00
Qts 0.87

4 ohm nominal impedence

4" Round - 2 3/4" Magnet and 1 1/8" Deep

Recommended Crossover 2-3KHz 2nd order electrical or higher See graphs

Customer Comment

"This tweeter measures very well and is by far the most dynamic non-horn-loaded tweeter that I have encountered thus far with whopping 96db@1m/2.83v senitivity coupled with excellent power handling and best used with a 3Khz crossover." Steve Sedmak





8 ohm 20W Polycarbonate Tweeter $0.89 each

Impedence curve courtesy of Dave Dulgos http://www.planet10-hifi.com/



CERWIN VEGA VISION 253 Pro Audio Crossovers $49.95 Pair


Apex Jr Tweeter - $1.00 each, or 100 for $85.00

See http://www.aespeakers.com/pics/mini-line/proto1.jpg for a John Janowitz design using this tweeter.

Bag O'Crossovers-assorted crosovers


.9mH ferrite core speaker inductor $1.00 each


Klipsch 8" Shielded Speaker $37.00

Vas 29.46 L, Fs 45.7406, Qts 0.4644, Qes 0.5429, Qms 3.2134, Re 2.99, Le 0.5439mH, 89.98 dB 1w/1m, BL 6.23 Tesla Meters

Box Parameters:

Vented Box 1.6ft3 Vent= 2" dia x 7" long Fb=40Hz

Vented Box 1.00ft3 Vent =2" dia x 2.6" long Fb=46Hz

Sealed Box .8ft3 Fb=70hz