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General Electric 1847 Lamp
6.3V - .15A - 5000 Hours
This is a number 47 Lamp on steroids
Price .40 ea $35.00/100 $300.00/1000
Foxconn DC21301
DB 25 Female 25 Pin socket
Price .20 ea $15.00/100

Triangle Plexiglass 3 Magnet Picture Frame -
Award - Trophy
Measures 5 1/2 on the bottom X 6" Tall
Price $4.95 Each
THERE BACK.... 16 Piece Military grade test lead set $12.95 ea
These are without military bags
U Ground Female Snap In Lock Receptacle $0.99ea
Amphenol 160-2N Original Fender Convenience socket at $14.95ea

VC 30R 30Watt 10 position Speaker Attenuator Ivory $9.95ea

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IP66 Rating with Adhesive gasket
8.74" Length X 5.75" Width X 2.16" Height
Price $27.50



IP66 Rating with adhesive gasket
6.73" Length X 4.76" Width X 4.17" Height
Price $25.00 ea



220V Neon Lamp with Red Lenes
Industrial Devices 1030A30 $1.29 ea



100-240Vac Input --- 12Volt 3.33 Amp Output
IEC Receptacle input and standard 3.5MM Output
Price $9.95ea IEC Poer cord available at optional cost



Dialco 115Vac 75 Watt Lamp Socket UL
without lenes, will fit standard size lenes
Has built in resistor $0.79ea



IEC connector with DPST 4A 250Vac/ 8A 125Vac switch with 5 pin molex $0.50 each



BLUE LED with 14" Leads NOS .29ea or $25.00/100



1 Space 19" Rack Shelf $6.95ea -- 3 for $20.00 and $50.00 for 10
5 5/8" Deep -- 17 1/2" Inside width and 1 1/2" Tall





9 Volt Battery Snaps
4" Red and Black leads $0.10ea $8.00/100

8 " leads $0.15ea $14.00/100



5 X 20 MM Fuseholder and IEC Receptacle combo with a 10A Fuse included $0.99 ea



Switch Guard -Fits standard size toggle switches $1.99ea



Tagboard 11 3/4" X 2 1/4" Dual row of 28 contacts $3.95 each



75 piece AGC-3AG Fuse Assortment Regular-Slo-Blo and Ceramic Only $7.95



Lamp Socket with 6.3V #47 lamp included $1.25ea



Gold Plated 5 way Binding posts Longer threads $4.99Pr $47.50/10prs



4 section BC 3173GE222X450XPA2 capacitor 2200 UF at 450VDC - 525V Surge Price for the 4 cap unit $ 35.00





Gold Plated 5 way Binding Posts Red & Black $4.59/Pair 10 pair $42.50



VC 6243 Hand Held Digital LC Multimeter
$39.95 each.
Inductance - 2mH - 20mH - 200mH - 2H - 20H
Capacitance - 2nF - 20nF - 200nF - 2uF - 20uF - 200uF - 1000uF
26MM High LCD Display
Measuring Method: Dual Slope A/D transfer
Over Range indication: MSD displays "1"
Low battery indication
Takes 1 - 9V battery "included"
Meas: 190MM X 88.5MM X 27.5MM
Accuracy + - (RDG%+ the lowest digit)



# 47- 6 Volt Panel Light with Red Lenes cap with hardware $1.50ea



Atlas APF-15T's Flange Mount PA Loudspeaker 

Retail Price $97.00 our price $19.95ea.

These are New Old Stock




Rubber feet 38mm/ 1.5" diameter 1.5" tall with metal washer insert. 4 for $2.50 Sale 4 for $2.00 (Master Carton of 350 for $150.00)......Good for speaker cabinets, compressors, bumpers, ????



CTS SPST Rotary on-off power switch (D Shaft) .79ea






4 Section Euro terminal black will take up to 12 Awg wires 3 for $1.00



4.7uf 400 Volt Metalized polyproplene cap $1.00ea



4 position hermaphrodite high current (20 amp) connectors made by AMP silver plated pins. They fit into each other. $0.50 per pair with long leads or $0.25 per for pair right angle PC Mount



Stewart/Warner Hobbs Hour Meter 5 digits and Tenths 115Vac 60Hz at $9.95ea



Neutrix 1/4" TRS and XLR 3 pin connector PC Mount NCJ6F1-V

$1.50 ea $135.00/100



12V DC Fan Assortment $2.00 to $3.50ea.



IEC- EIA receptacles....price range from .35ea to $5.95eaPC mount 3 pin receptacle .35ea $30.00/100
3 pin with larger mounting hole .45ea 40.00/100
3 pin Standard .65ea
3 pin w/switch ,50ea
3 pin w/ switch-fuse-and filter $5.95ea



Shielded Soft Dome Tweeter $14.95 a pair
Fs 1473Hz
Qms 1.54, Qes 2.00, Qts 0.87, Re 3.57 ohms
Recommended Crossover 2-3KHz 2nd order electrical or higher



New assorted LED's $3.95 / package Product might be slightly different than pictured depending on stock....



Allen-Bradley,IRC,Airco Speer and other carbon composition resistors also available






4 1/4" Dia 2X Glass lens $3.95ea 



120V input 6Vdc 300Ma output flying leads $1.50ea

120V input 9Vdc 170Ma output 3.5mm female $.99ea

120V input 9Vdc 500Ma output 3.5mm female $2.50ea

120V input 12Vdc 1000Ma output 1/8" male $3.95ea

120V input 13Vdc 1000Ma output 3.5mm female $3.95ea

120V input 24Vac output 1.2Amp $3.95ea





Car Audio Amp

25 watt stereo amps $9.95 ea.





Dental Mirror

3 for $1.00