Apex Jr Super 8 Sub Woofer Page

The Apex Super 8 Subwoofer has a great following and offers the best bang-for-the-buck performance of any 8" sub currently available. It outputs very tight, deep bass at volume levels much higher than expected for a small driver..


FS=47.75Hz Qms=7.334 Qes=.552 Re=2.653 ohms Spl=85.22 @ 1w/1m


Vas=0.376 cu. ft Le=0.157mH  

Voice coil length is a respecable 19.8mm, the top plate is 10mm thick So Xmax is 4.9mm

Here is an new design by Chuck Sheershmidt using the Super 8. .http://www.angelfire.com/jazz/noidster/fourplaysub.htm

See the following Pdf informational pages provided by Grant Spangler:

ApexJr Super8 2nd Order Bessel

ApexJr Super8 4th Order

ApexJr Super8 Bandpass Single-Tuned Q=.642

ApexJr Super8 Bandpass Single-Tuned

Here are projects and pictures submitted to us by our customers and friends.

Hey all,

I had a friend of mine ask me to build him something for his HT. He had a few parameters that he asked me to follow:

1. Small Size.
2. Apparent output but not overwhelming
3. All Black Enclosures.
4. High WAF.

So I searched and found that the Apex Jr's Super 8's -http://www.apexjr.com/Super8.htm - looked as if they would work. I also picked up an audiophile amp - http://www.apexjr.com/Audiofile.htm- (also from Apex Jr) to drive them. (There are "twin" boxes, one is powered and one is a slave unit.) The boxes are about 1.33 Cubes each and they are ported with a 3 inch flared precision port (About 11 inches long total) Walls are made from .75 MDF. Each panel was treated with about 8 coats of under carriage spray before assembly.

Box is covered with Black Formica. The bottoms of each woofer are covered with Vinyl. Each foot has a floor spike. (Dayton -http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/pshowdetl.cfm?&DID=7&Partnumber=240-716 ) Over all I was very impressed with how these turned out. I was afraid
they would not be loud enough and for my tastes with HT I had to run them rather hard and thought they would have been better with a bigger amp (http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/pshowdetl.cfm?&PartNumber=300-793&DID=7as an example.) When I hooked them up to my stereo I was amazed. I have never heard 2 - 8 inch woofers put out the kind of bass these did. I REALLY enjoyed these for music. Allot. After I had the test boxes built I talked to my friend a bit more and got a little nervous when he said he was going to use these with his B&W speakers. So now all I can think is "Great, I know have to compete with B&W's" So I continue on and finish them for him. On the day of delivery we get everything hooked up and all he can dois smile. (Which of course makes me happy.) After tweaking everything out He asks his 8 year old daughter what she thinks about it and she says "It's loud Daddy." And then he asks "Yes, but do you like it?"
And she replies "Yeah, Its just like the Movies." He turns to me and goes "Sold" So all in all, customer was happy, I was happy. Unfortunately, I now want to build a set for my self. But that's a whole other project for another time.

Pics are below. Feedback encouraged and welcome.

Jay - Tampa, FL

BTW - Pictures aren't that great a quality. And I forgot to do a final cleaning on them before I snapped them so you will see some streaks and finger prints. Hope it does not take too much away.

Front - http://www.geocities.com/maverick19_72/HT811/Front.JPG
Back - http://www.geocities.com/maverick19_72/HT811/Back.JPG
Angle - http://www.geocities.com/maverick19_72/HT811/Angle.JPG
Bottom - http://www.geocities.com/maverick19_72/HT811/Bottom.JPG
Powered Unit - http://www.geocities.com/maverick19_72/HT811/Powered.jpg
Slave Unit - http://www.geocities.com/maverick19_72/HT811/Slave.JPG

Here are plans for a push-pull sub from Dave Dulgos