Apex Jr stocks a variety of quality potentiometers



Bourns Rotory Pots

Apex Jr has been given exclusive rights to sell these Bourns rotory guitar amp pots and now available in these values.

Series P/N PDA-241-CAT2 specs

1 Meg Audio Taper

500K Audio Taper

250K Audio Taper

250K Linear Taper

100K Linear Taper

25K Linear Taper

Prices are $1.89 ea and $169.00/100 Mix and Match



Potentiometer and 1/4" Jack 3/8" X 32 Hardware
Nickel plated nut, stainless steel flat washer and Zinc plated star washers
10 ea $1.00 per type
25 ea $2.25 per type
100ea $8.00 per type
1000ea $60.00 per type